What are the best sources of baseball news online?
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The last time I seriously followed baseball the internet was a very different place. I feel like getting back into it this season and want to know where to start with all the baseball sites out there.

A 2005 Askme listed some sites but I'm betting recommendations would be somewhat different now. I'm specifically looking for three things:

1. General baseball news and analysis sites. Baseball Prospectus seems good, so more like that.

2. Writing about baseball. Anything else along the lines of the Hardball Times.

3. Any good Twitter handles that share baseball news.

Thanks in advance!
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Baseball Think Factory
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MLB Trade Rumors, for sure. I also read River Ave Blues, but that's Yankee-specific.
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Stuff I occasionally pay attention to:
Baseball Musings
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I'm a fan of Joe Posnanski. You can follow him on twitter where he links all of his writing.
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I'm constantly checking NBC Sports' HardballTalk for useful and not-so-useful baseball news.

And if you haven't come across it yet on Baseball Prospectus, they have a highly entertaining daily podcast, "Effectively Wild".
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Jonah Keri and Rany Jayzerli on Grantland. There's often good stuff on Sports on Earth, too.
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The best source of daily baseball news, bar none, is Buster Olney's ESPN Insider blog. You can get access to Insider for cheap if you find a subscription deal for ESPN:The Magazine. I got 8 years of access for $8.

Some free options:

Ballbug is a site by the guys who made Memeorandum using the same type of technology to pull major headlines and several different takes from newspapers and blogs.

SI's Hit & Run blog is pretty good for analysis.

For pure headlines, I second MLB Trade Rumors and HardballTalk.
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SB Nation is an excellent one-stop shopping place. There's a blog for every team, along with more generalized blogs about things like fantasy, transactions, sabermetrics and the baseball world at large.
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