Make My New Smart Phone Stylish AND Durable
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Good news, everybody! I got a new Moto X smart phone, and now I want to make it as stylish and durable as possible. What's the best compromise between keeping it protected and making it look good?

(I'm a little grumpy because you can get Moto Xs with woodgrain backs, but mine is through Republic Wireless and didn't have that option. You can order the backs separately, but I'm a bit wary of my own installation skills.)

I like gelaskins a LOT, but they don't have a hard shell for this model. I'm thinking of trying to apply it on whichever case I get, if possible.

But is a hard shell enough, or does that just protect from scratches and dings? I know a lot of folks have some rubbery cases, but most of those seem chunky and unattractive to me. How can I keep my phone safe while still looking hella sweet?
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I have a smoky translucent Incase Snap Case for my Moto X and it protects very well (popped out of my bike mount onto asphalt at around 15mph with just minor cosmetic damage). I think it looks pretty good and is a good compromise between protection and minimalism.
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For my iPhone, I've been pretty happy with the Otterbox Defender (link to your phone's model), but it looks like a Playskool toy. But I can throw it around and drop it and toss it to friends who my drop it and get water on it and so on.

As my Otterbox Defender has been wearing out (silicone part of the case is getting a little slack), I've been looking at the Lifeproof cases but I note they do not make a case for your phone.
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I've always been partial to the Diztronic TPU cases, myself. Here's the Moto X version on Amazon US. They're cheap (in price, not quality), tough, and have a bit of a "lip" so that you can put your phone face-down on a flat surface even if you don't have a screen protector.
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I'm a big fan of MIME's tempered glass screen protector. I also have the Diztronic case that zombieflanders links to.
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