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I'm looking for a new email provider for personal use, and I'm happy to pay (maybe around $30 per year). Can you recommend a new provider, or can you explain how to do what I need with other services like fruux?

I have been using gmail up to now, but I'd like to move to another provider because of privacy concerns (so I'm looking for a service that isn't ad supported), but also because gmail's web email is incredibly slow (if it makes any difference I live in Japan).

Ideally, I'd like a service with these features:
  • web mail interface
  • several gigabytes of storage
  • contacts sync (I really need to have the contacts sync with my iphone)
  • calendar
I had hoped to use fastmail, however they don't offer contacts sync, and people have been asking for it for years (it has been listed as "coming soon" or "planned" but never implemented). Fastmail also seems to have a bad reputation for customer support.

I have tried using fruux, where I can keep a central contacts list and calendar, and sync this with other devices. I reckon I'd be happy to pay for fruux if I could get it to sync with web mail and my iphone. Unfortunately, fruux doesn't seem to sync contacts with webmail yet except for gmail -- but they say that they are working on it. Fruux does work well with a phone and a desktop email client.

The workable solution for now seems to be to use a desktop client like thunderbird or outlook, then sync all the contacts and calendars with fruux, and use email from fastmail or somewhere. I would do this, however I spend my days in a university where I can't seem to access email (other than uni email) through a desktop client because of proxy/port restrictions.

So can you recommend an email provider that does what I need? I'm surprised that calDAV and cardDAV are not implemented by fastmail, so maybe other providers do have them?

Thanks a lot for your help.
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I've used Namecheap to host email accounts for me. Hosting for a personal account is less than $10 a year before tax & fees.
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