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After adding a MX record, my domain's DNS isn't propagating. How can I fix this?

I just signed up for Microsoft 365 and need to verify ownership of a .co domain. Following Microsoft instructions to the letter, I was able to verify a .com domain by adding a TXT record. I attempted to do the same thing with a .co domain, but for some reason DNS failed to propagate after nearly 24 hours.

I registered both domains under Gandi.net. I've double and triple checked that I am doing everything right, but for whatever reason the DNS is not getting out there.

After some googling seems like this might be a problem with the .co TLD. Another possibility that .co TLD will take upwards of 72 hours to propagate.

Two questions: Is this actually an issue with .co TLD? And do I have to do anything more beyond adding the TXT or MX record?
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Did you update your zone serial number? What's the TTL for your domain?
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Response by poster: TTL is set to 1 hour. I'm not sure what you mean by zone serial number?
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To answer your followup comment, the serial number that both previous posters are referring to is the third value listed in the SOA record for the domain. You can recognize it as the first numeric value in the SOA record. If the serial isn't increased, your NS servers will not pick up the changes and therefore it won't propagate. I've seen some documentation refer to that field as the "timestamp."

The thing is that if you are using gandi.net's dns service, it looks like their interface won't actually let you touch the SOA record (which makes sense since you can really mess things up terribly by mucking with that record). So the interface must update this automatically. The serial is probably not your problem.
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Have you made the zone file active on gandi.net? The way it works with them is you duplicate an existing zone file, make your DNS changes, and then make the newly created zone file active.
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Response by poster: Solved the problem.

It was because Gandi.net kept on adding a single period to the end of value string.

Anyhoo, thank you all for the answers!
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