Women's running/workout shorts with longer inseams?
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I have killed my favorite pair of running/workout shorts. They are apparently no longer available in my size and what appears to be the new and allegedly improved version is not even close to the same. Where can I find a pair of wicking/non-cotton women's running shorts with a liner, pockets and (most importantly) an inseam of at least 4"?

This is for reasons of nobody needs to see that much of my glow-in-the-dark thighs, pretty much. I generally wear a women's 8-10 and am short and hippy with a tiny waist, so men's options do not work well for me or I'd just do that. I am uncomfortable with compression shorts or anything else tight except as an underlayer, and would really like an all-in-one solution. Ordering online is fine at stores with easy returns. So far I have looked at REI, Sports Authority and Target in my city and come up empty. Help?
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Though I've no experience with the women's version (but I have several men's pairs), these RaceReady shorts fit your request, and they're made in the USA and nice material.
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Best answer: Oiselle long roga. So fricking comfortable. 6" inseam. They are expensive but they feel like silk.
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Gap Body makes a women's running short with a longer inseam.
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Best answer: Running warehouse has been a reliably good online retailer. They put their shorts in categories by length. This pair looks sort of similar to the shorts you liked. There are a few more 6" length shorts if you scroll to the bottom of this page.
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The Patagonia Baggies are amazing for pretty much every activity. The inseam is listed as 5 inches. I think all women's shorts look too short on me, but these seem plenty long.
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Response by poster: Okay- have a pair of the Oiselles and the Brooks Epiphany on order, since they check all my boxes. Yay! Thanks! Thought about the RaceReadys but there were no mediums in stock in any color. All the stores I visited in person only had compression shorts or 2"-3" inch inseams available; it is good to have some reasonable options to try.
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