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Can anyone refer me to an attorney or paralegal who is very experienced at writing the various types of legalese needed for web sites/apps, desktop software, etc.?

I am looking for someone who is specialized and can do it relatively economically based on their already knowing everything they need to know about this area of law, having a lot of previous experience, and having myriad templates they simply need to modify/tailor for my particular needs.

I'm referring specifically to terms of service / terms and conditions, license agreements (including the full range from highly restricted to highly open), and privacy policies.

Ideally I'd like to find someone who is super experienced with all those aspects of web/software law.

I'm not looking for information about directories of lawyers.

I'd prefer to use the services of an attorney or paralegal instead of using DIY software programs and web apps that generate these kinds of documents, but you could still tell me about such things if you know of them.

Thanks in advance.
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Where are you located and do you care if your attorney is local to you or not?
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Response by poster: Southern California. Doesn't need to be local. I see you happen to be local to me and are an IP attorney but I'm not sure if you had yourself in mind or wanted to refer me to someone. Welcome to MeMail me.
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I'm happily parked in-house now, so I can't recommend myself :) I've MeMailed you two recommendations. Contact both and see how they fit with your needs.
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