Help me figure out what this WW2, Black and White, gayish art film is.
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Gay themed, black and white, containing a dead body and a threesome. That's mostly what I remember. (possible offensive language in remembered dialogue ahead)

I wonder sometimes whether I dreamed it.

In my head it had John Ennis from Mr Show in it, but I can't find anything like it on his filmography. (Side note, what the hell is up with the photo on his IMDB page?) There's a part in it where the not John Ennis character is sitting in his office, a propaganda office during WW2, and he's having a conversation with a dead guy. The conversation is something like this (sorry if this language is offensive, but it's dialogue).

"Queers are in the world. I think about the world. Therefore I think about queers. That doesn't make me queer"

I also think I thought Alex Borstein played the wife of the Not John Ennis guy. They bring a sailor home and have a threesome. But I can't find it anywhere on her filmography, so I guess that's wrong too.

I know this sounds like a fever dream, which I'm starting to think it might be.
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Alex Borstein was in the gay-themed, black & white, short film Billy's Dad Is a Fudge-Packer. Though other elements you mention are not present in this film, it might account for some of what you remember.
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Yeah, that's not it. There's a pretty explicit scene in the thing I'm thinking of, which I won't go into detail about. I might have put her in there because I had a major league crush on Borstein for a while.

The actors mentioned might be just a red herring since I haven't been able to connect either of them to anything even vaguely like what I'm describing.
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It's not Poison, is it? I think at least part of that is black and white, and it is definitely very gay.
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Nope, not Poison. I'm leaning towards 'I had a weird dream'
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