Looking at an old GE ad. What kind of a job do I think that'll get me?
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Last night the Interwebs found a GE ad from the 1970s showing a girl and her cat thinking of space. This was part of a series of posters that our high-school algebra teacher put up in our classroom. The one I remember best is "So-and-so loves to look at the clouds. What kind of a job do you think that'll get him?" Any idea where I can see the whole set?
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Best answer: I'd call GE.

They have corporate archives and they might send you a set gratis, or at a small reproduction price.

I find that most corporations are THRILLED to accomodate you in this way.
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The "Progress for People" tagline for GE was used from 1972-81 according to some random marketing case study I found on Google, just in case you want a timeframe for asking the company about.
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