Places to work remotely in and around Sausalito
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I'm visiting the Bay Area next week, and plan to work remotely from Sausalito. Where in Sausalito or the surrounding areas can I plant myself with my laptop, grab some wifi and VPN in to work for 4-6 hours without getting booted out? I'm more than happy to pay for food and beverages while I'm there. Someplace overlooking the water would be awesome, but not required. My point of origin with be on the Bridgeway, near Molly Stone's and the Post Office. I may or may not have a car, but I'm happy to bus it as far as Tiburon for the right place. Thanks!!
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There is a hidden Philz coffee right at Johnson & Bridgeway. It's always filled with laptops. Plus Philz' insane coffee. I say it's hidden because they don't have a sign - something about some rule about signage in town.
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I'm sitting in Philz right now. It's great! Thanks!
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