Facebook: a mystery wrapped in an engima wrapped in the Graph API
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For developers working with Facebook Insights data: how/where do you get hold of Insights data while you're developing? I haven't been able to find resources for this online, but common sense says there must be an easier way!

We're working on adding client-authentication-required Facebook Insights data to our analytics program. We're running into the stupidest of walls - having access to an account with Insights data to develop/test with.
I tried making an account for that purpose, but getting the minimum 30 likes to generate Insights data has proved exceedingly taxing. A few friends and colleagues have helped, I made the few extra accounts I could to add more until I hit the phone verification wall - but this is ludicrous. There must be a way to access some sort of dataset without jumping through hoops or violating the TOS by creating multiple accounts, but my google-fu is failing me.
Facebook Insight devs, how are you doing it? Am I missing something really stupidly obvious?
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Have you tried getting it through the Graph API?

Also, I'm fairly sure that the 30-like restriction is for Pages, not apps.
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