How do I forward SMS messages from an iPhone to a PC or Android phone?
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I have an iPhone 5 as my personal phone. Work is providing an Android device. I don't want to schlep around two phones. Help me streamline, please.

I've already called Verizon to setup call forwarding, so that's taken care of.

Now I just need to setup SMS text messages to automatically forward from my iPhone to a PC, email, or the work-provided Android device. Basically, if someone texts my home phone, I'd like to be able to receive them on the work phone or some other alternative automagically. Both phones will be on Verizon if that helps.

I've tried Googling around, but everyone says my iPhone would have to be jailbroken, which I'd prefer not to do.

Any ideas?
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This may not be the answer you're looking for, but I was faced with the same problem a couple years ago, and decided to change to a Google Voice number. I realized that even when I switched jobs or duties, having a work phone was likely to be part of my job for a long time, and a gv number makes that easy and seamless. It was a pain to switch, but it only took a few weeks to ensure everyone knew the new number.
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I was going to say Google voice as well. You can (probably) port your existing personal # in so as to not have to retrain folks who call you.
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+1 for Google Voice. There are things I hate about it (and therefore no longer use it) but for receiving communication [calls AND texts] on more than one phone it's really the best option.
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Another vote for Google Voice. Another plus is that you can respond to texts from the website, and it will transcribe your voicemail, to sometimes hilarious ends. You can indeed port your existing number there but you will probably want to call Verizon first to see if they'll immediately cancel your account.. usually porting does that but they may be able to have it not do that.
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Im a big fan of amazing service. I HATE typing on my phone, and it lets me check my sms messages on the website if the phone is elsewhere. I cant vouch for its privacy and security policies, but heck, NSAs got us anyways eh.
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If you get/expect to get a lot of picture texts (MMS) do NOT rely on Google Voice. It only forwards SMS. MMSes just don't show up, and the sender doesn't even know you didn't receive them. If, say, you only expect to get true SMS messages on your work phone, you could forward them to the iPhone through Google Voice, and still receive MMS and iMessages the old-fashioned way on your iPhone.
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There's no built-in way to do this, but if you're willing to jailbreak your phone, BiteSMS can auto-forward SMSs. Also, be sure to turn off iMessage on your phone, since those aren't technically SMS messages.
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Google voice fifth'd. I've been doing your desired arrangement for five years.
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