What songs should we include in a mix CD for Eileen, Lola and Gilbert?
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A friend is making a mix cd for a friend named Eileen. She'd like all the songs to somehow be themed around the names Eileen, Lola (her daughter) and Gilbert (her husband). What songs should she include?

We've already got "Come on Eileen" (along with the cover by Save Ferris) and "Lola", obviously, but not being the supreme music geeks we wish we were, we can't get any further. Any ideas?
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Sam Roberts - Don't Walk Away Eileen
The Stills - Lola Stars and Stripes

Yeah, I got nothing for Gilbert...
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Gilbert Green - The Bee Gees
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Skid Row had a song named "Eileen".

Sam Roberts sang "Don't Walk Away Eileen".

Ricky Martin sang Lola, Lola.

And there are, of course, a number of songs by Gilbert O'Sullivan
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What about Copacabana?

Also, dumping search terms into iTunes Music Store is tremendously useful for things like this. There's a much covered song called 'Eileen', for example.
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David Bowie's song "She's Got Medals" has the lyrics:

She deserted on the previous morning
Replaced her uniform with dresses silk and green
Called herself Eileen
Came to London town
Now she's settled down
She's got medals
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Lola (My Love) - Stevie Nicks
Lola - McFly
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Yoda - 'Weird Al' Yankovic (a 'Lola' parody)
Alone Again - Biz Markie (the Biz got sued over his Gilbert O'Sullivan sample)
something from the Run Lola Run soundtrack
maybe some Gilberto Gil?
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The Kinks - Lola
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Just in case you don't know, the lyrics of the Kinks' "Lola" are about a transsexual. Just in case your friends might not be happy about that.
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"Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets," originally from Damn Yankees (the musical, not the band), but covered by every jazz musician ever. I like the Sarah Vaughan version.
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Keith Richards has a song called "Eileen" on his solo album Main Offender. (My name is Eileen).
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Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners
Lola - Kinks
Something by Gilbert & Sullivan
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STOP. Astrud Gilberto is one of my favorite artists... because love is the saddest thing.. when it goes away...
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"Gilbert," by Calexico. The only in-print release I could find is from this year's edition of the series I Heard It On NPR.
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Who could forget the lyrical masterpiece "A E I O U Sometimes Y" from supergroup Ebn-Ozn? "Lola, Lola, Lola, Lola ..." Lyrics here.

Huh! Do I wanna go out!
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If you try to find "Lola" by Stevie Nicks , be aware it's actually a Buckingham/Nicks song and not on any cds, so...
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I would suggest The Raincoats' cover of "Lola" over the original, if you can find it.
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Now holding a sweep for the number of times that sa3z will be recommended "Lola, by the Kinks" by people who don't read the question fully, or the thread...

There's a Spanish actress called Beatriz Luengo who is most famous for playing a character called Lola, and she's just released an album - might be a bit tenuous already, but you might be starting to get bored of The Kinks by now... (Not-completely-interestingly, if you put Beatriz Luengo into amazon.com, it suggests Bebel Gilberto, the step-daugther of Mr T's Astrud Gilberto, above...
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songs from the Run Lola Run soundtrack.
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bebel gilberto - samba de bencao [!!!]
astrud gilberto - stay [!!!]
clifford gilberto - restless [!!!]
gilberto gil - pe da roserio
joao gilberto - girl from ipanema

[!!!] = awesome!!!
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The Sarah Vaughn version of "Whatever Lola Wants" mentioned above is remixed very nicely on The Verve Remixed 2.
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the Cure also have a cover of "Come On Eileen"
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"Darlin' Eileen" from the musical "Wonderful Town" in quartet form sung by a bunch of Irish policmen. Kind of an Iriish jig.
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Thanks for all the suggestions! They're great so far and I'm sure they will prove very useful. Also, jacquilynne, thanks for the extra tip -- I'll give it a whirl for this and future mixes. Keep 'em coming if you can.
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You should also check out Mr. Dope America's version of "Come On Eileen." [mp3] While you're at it, it you should check out "Africa" and "Still Lovin' You" too, not 'cause they're about Lola or Eileen, just 'cause they're hillarious. For those interested, all of their songs can be downloaded from here.
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