Best way to present an iPhone app functionality in a presentation
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For my job I need to make a short video that graphically illustrates an iPhone app and its functionality. Are there any tools or sites out there that can let me do this as nicely as possible? I'm thinking of something similar to except I need something more automated and presentable. Something like a Powerpoint presentation except for an app with text and animations/video.
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I've used Reflector to record videos of apps.
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We usually use screen caps pasted into PowerPoint.
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This just came out and looks incredibly polished, helpful, and would be great for a presentation: Marvel
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Is this an app you wrote, plan to write, or somebody else's app? If it's yours, you can just run it in the simulator and actually demo it,which is what I do.
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I use Reflector also, but it is for realtime presentation, and you said you want video.

So maybe use Reflector for the realtime display on screen, use Camtasia or something similar to record the screen session and add audio to the video, and then embed the whole thing in the presentation software of your choice?
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