Auto Body Paint Recommendations in Toronto
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I'm gearing up to sell my car in Toronto and I'd like to get a fresh paint job. Or, at least, touch up the spots that are showing wear due to rust near the rear wheels and some white paint (on a red car) from bumping into the pillar in my parking space a couple of times. Note: I don't actually want to do body repair, just paint (I'm not trying to conceal the dings in the body, just to freshen up the look). Have any GTA Mefites had work like this done at a place they would recommend? I live downtown, but don't mind traveling to the 905 for good, affordable work. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
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What's the age of car? Touching up paint without doing any bodywork can often be a waste of money and very often looks terrible. Shiny paint REALLY shows up the surface imperfections.

I know someone who has a paintshop but it depends on the age of car (And type) whether or not this is even a good idea beyond a good polish. If there is rust, you'll have to do it properly or it will show up like a neon sign...
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Also, when buying a car NOTHING would make me more suspicious than a fresh paint job...
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I would immediately assume that any new paint near the wheel well is covering rust. You aren't going to fool anyone with this - let them deal with the rust themselves after the purchase. Even with the absolutely best intentions, this is going to look like you are covering up a rust problem.

It might be worth buffing the white marks though.
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There is a good guy on Merton (just West of Mount Pleasant): "Paul's Collision and Auto Body"

You can just bring it to him for advice and go from there.
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