Name this upscale casual women's clothing brand? Wind and Sand?
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Forgot the name of a women's clothing brand. Something like Wind ans Sand, or Sand and Skull....

Details I do remember:

Women's dressy/casual brand- silk shells, fitted twill jackets, etc.
For age 30+. Price point around $100-$150 per item.
Similar in overall style to Mango or a slightly flashier Banana Republic.
Available in Toronto.

The brand name was something like:
Wind and Sand
Sand and Skull
Wind and Water
Wind and Stone

I think the name was a conjunction of something beachy and maybe something rock'n'roll...?
Can't believe i've forgotten. Thanks!
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Rag and Bone? (riffing off of the skull?)

(tops might be in that price range, but holy hell everything else isn't)
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Seconding Rag and Bone.

Way higher end than Banana Republic, though.
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Response by poster: It's not Rag and Bone... good guess, though.
It's a brand I'd never heard of- pretty sure it's not well-known.
I do think the word Wind was in there somewhere- but it's hard to Google-search that as it's such a common word!
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Creatures of the Wind?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, errbody. It was White House Black Market. Sooo... basically my recollection of similar words was, um, incorrect!
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At least locally, White House Black Market is actually fairly well known. I really like their stuff. They are stylish, classy, and of good quality too. Have fun shopping!
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