Online Rocky's Boots?
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Is there any game similar to the old Rocky's Boots that is freely available for online play (or is in the format of an application that can be linked to from moodle)? For those unfamiliar with the amazingness that was Rocky's Boots: it was a game for young children that taught logic gates (or, and, not, xor) in a very nice, visual way, through a sequence of cute puzzles.
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Here's the online version of the sequel to Rocky's Boots. Apparently it is VERY VERY DIFFICULT. So consider yourself warned.
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There's a sequel to Rocky's Boots called Robot Odyssey. 4 Days ago, Slate Magazine called it the Hardest Game of All Time, but I think the author was referring to the length of time for his own solution.

I played it when I was about 13, and found it brilliant, but I never did beat the infamous "sonic lock" puzzle. (That article reveals a solution, though.)
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GATE is a free game for windows and mac that is inspired by Rocky's Boots and its sequel.
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There's also an FPP on Robot Odyssey.
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You can play the original Rocky's Boots in your browser, thanks to the Internet Archive.
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Hmm, actually, the Internet Archive link isn't working for me - I press the space bar to start, and then it starts loading... and continues... and continues.... How long should it take?
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It took about 30 seconds to load for me. In the Robot Odyssey thread Nelson had a couple other in-browser versions, but those need plugins. If that's not a problem, maybe those will work better. I did notice that the Internet Archive version has a problem with the Ctrl key not working, which is important to controlling the game. So maybe try the other ones.
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