Independent/boarding school admissions resources?
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Looking for informational brochures/posters/websites/handouts aimed at students/parents about the school selection and application process for private boarding high schools in the United States or Canada; not for specific schools, but for the process in general. Links or descriptions are appreciated.

I teach at a middle/high school in Shanghai, China with a foreign language specialty, which means that most of its students go abroad for further study. The school puts lots of resources into advising its high school students on college admissions, but has virtually nothing for middle school students applying to high schools, mostly private boarding schools in the United States. A few of our teachers, including me, have volunteered to put together some bilingual resources for students and parents about the school search and application process. Before we start creating our resources, we'd like to see if there are any pre-existing resources available out there.

I'm aware of sites like that list/compare schools, and these will definitely be presented to out students' parents, but (1) while our students have basic English competency their parents often do not, which makes navigating US-audience-facing websites a daunting task, and (2) we feel like there is a void in the area of general information about the application process, especially unbiased information that is geared toward the parents' interests rather than the profit-motive of agents and educational consultants.

Any links to existing online materials or descriptions of resources would be appreciated.
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I'm not sure if this helps to answer your question but have you contacted boarding schools in the US about how they source students in China? I know that the one I attended has an active outreach program.
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