High pitch pulse sound coming from stereo receiver
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I am getting a high pitch sound coming out of stereo in a pulse that would make a dog loopy. I do not have a sophisticated setup. The stereo is plugged into the wall. Apple TV is plugged into wall and TV. Router plugged into power strip along with DVD player. I switched out all RCA plugs and speaker wire.

No buttons like tape monitor or special sound effects are on and everything is plugged in normally. The receiver makes this pulsing sound when plugged in but is turned off. 2 feet away I have a Mac computer but it is not connected physically to anything but streams to Apple TV when it is on (which isn't often).

I suspect my stereo receiver just might be going bad as it is an early 2000s model. I bought it used 5 years ago but don't recollect hearing the noise then. I never play music loud so that isn't an issue.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated but not urgent.
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It's not the usual 60 Hz hum?
posted by Thorzdad at 7:05 AM on January 29, 2014

You're being unclear about whether this sound is coming from the speakers or the receiver itself...

If from the receiver itself, seems like a transformer is going bad.
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Is it the GSM gallop? Reorientation of cables might help, as might some appropriate ferrites on the cable.
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Response by poster: Not the 60 Hz hum, not the GSM gallop, and coming from receiver not speakers...(unplugged speakers to triple check).
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Best answer: Could also be a failed capacitor causing the high-pitched sound. Circuit boards of the mid-2000s were particularly prone to capacitor failure.
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Best answer: Yeah, I was also going to suggest the possibility of failing capacitor(s), especially if it's coming from the receiver itself when switched off.
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Response by poster: Anyone recommend a place to find a reasonable very basic used receiver that is a trustworthy site? I don't trust Craigslist on this stuff but only have around $100 right now. It only needs rca and two speaker output w/ remote capability and I will be pleased. It doesn't have to be new/loud/super hi-fidelity special but after reading about the capacitor link/Taiwan I could use any input from MeFi friends. (And if asking this question is a breach of protocol since it branches from the previous question... understood.)
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Response by poster: Forgot to add, thank you for your answers. From what I have read and my layman's understanding, I am confident that you are right on the capacitors.
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