lightweight combination lock?
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Recommend the smallest, lightest combination lock (that is still durable) for use at the gym!

I've bought one from the dollar store, and it's nice and light...but got stuck on the locker.
Then I bought a Master Lock that twice as heavy.
Is there a middle ground?
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I use a pre-TSA version of this lock, but it's a tight fit on gym lockers. This cable version would be more likely to fit but may not be as secure.
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I know you said combination lock, but I use a really small key lock and leave the key strung on my shoe laces.
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Small locks usually suck. Sticking with a name-brand may or may not help.
Master locks actually has a product page listing TSA approved models, which may be a sweet-spot between small and somewhat reliable.
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I would just go with a good ol' fashioned Master Lock combination lock. There's a reason that they've been used in schools for the past million years. Cheap, light, easy and it works.
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