Los Angeles: good greeting cards?
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In Los Angeles, where can I find good a good selection of greeting cards, letterpress if possible?

My backup is Papyrus, I guess, but I was looking for other options.
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There are Paper Source stores in LA near Fairfax & Third; in Bev. Hills; and Pasadena.
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oh and Pulp store on La Brea.
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Urbanic Paper Boutique in Venice on Abbot Kinney.

Sometimes General Store on Lincoln in Venice has interesting cards. Same with Reform School in Silverlake.

When I was looking up the name of Urbanic I saw a mention of a place called Jonathan Wright which also looks promising.
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There's a Paper Source in Santa Monica too if you happen to be a westsider. Also check out Arts & Letters.
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Skylight Books in Los Feliz has a nice selection.
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I came to say Urbanic too! It's my go-to both because I love their stuff and because my friends own it.
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Seconding the hell out of Pulp. It's the smartest card shop in town. I drive 45 minutes out of my way to buy cards there.
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Lula Mae in Pasadena.
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Excellent suggestions upthread. I'd add that if you're in the area and looking for some more... odd offerings, I recommend Wacko.
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Ludeen's in Culver City.
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Co-op 28 Handmade and Vintage in Los Feliz! It's mostly local artists, they always have at least 300 unique cards when I am there. Some are letterpress, some are collage, others are fancy cut outs.
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This store has beautiful letterpress stuff:

Jonathan Wright, near Beverly and Martel.
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