I need help finding a venue for group dinner in Raleigh, NC
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I'm planning a 70th birthday party for my mother in the first few weeks of March and need to find a restaurant that can host it.

The biggest potential issue is that the dining room needs to be in a space that is accessible to someone with a walker. We're looking for a moderately-priced place--something like Gravy, for example (which would be ideal, except that its dining room is down a set of stairs). We've also thought about 518 West, but it's a bit pricey.

Help me find a great place for my mother's big day, MeFi!
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Best answer: How many people are you planning on?

Coquette is very walker friendly. They have an area which can be used for private groups. Their menu offers something for conservative and more adventuresome diners. The times I've been the food was quite nice!

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Coquette is a great idea. You can even pull right up to the curb to let people out, and the food is good.
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If someone in your party will be using a walker, consider carefully the logistics involved with downtown Raleigh restaurants, which almost universally require a walk of several blocks from the nearest parking.

Is it the food at Gravy that you consider ideal? What about Bella Monica, which is the owners' original restaurant. It's on Edwards Mill Road, is walker accessible, has accessible parking, and they take reservations. Caveat: not a particularly large restaurant, so if you have a party larger than 10-12 might be problem.
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Mama Dip's Kitchen in Chapel Hill would fit the bill. Here's a picture from Google's Street View.
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My family has used Casa Carbone (Glenwood north, more like I-70 going towards Durham) for large group events for years. Pretty good (if a little heavy) Italian food at affordable prices and with super-great service. Lots of seating and very walker-friendly.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! We ended up at Coquette and had a fantastic time.
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