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After my computer froze up, I restarted and apparently lost all of my extensions for Chrome. I got some of them back, but others don't want to work properly.

My computer has been crash free for quite a few months after I did a factory reset. It froze up earlier tonight. I was able to reboot and when I went back on the internet I noticed that it didn't load to my main screen. I logged into my google account and that restored my bookmarks, but all of my extensions have gone missing. I reloaded the ones I remembered, but I noticed that while AdBlock Plus appears to be fine Craigslist Preview doesn't do squat.

1. Why would Chrome lose my extensions?
2. Why doesn't my craigslist preview extension work when I reloaded it?

Should I be concerned/how do I fix this? Thanks for any insight!
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The first thing I would do is successfully exit Chrome and restart it - sometimes it gets persnickety when it doesn't close down properly, and if your system froze and crashed, Chrome almost certainly didn't close down properly.

So do a full exit/restart of chrome (go to menu and choose Exit, don't click the X at the top of the window), wait a moment or two, then restart it, and hopefully that'll bring your extensions back. If not, check your extensions menu and see if they're still there and that "enabled" is checked for all of them.
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A long shot, but you could try installing Chrome Canary (the alpha build) and signing into your account to see if that brings back your missing plugins.

I have noticed that some plugins tend to be "local" while others automatically sync and install across devices...
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