Novel about workplace bullying at an NGO?
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A few years ago I read a lengthy novel about workplace bullying at an NGO, possibly in the U.K. It centered about two women who had been close friends but by the end of the book are sworn enemies. It may have involved violence, and there may have been a male who was a romantic interest for one or both. Do you know what book I'm talking about? (More details inside.)

My memories of the book are foggy but it may have contained:
- death threats (ultimately revealed as false) mailed to one of the women
- descriptions of the relationships between a very small and dysfunctional NGO office that focused on international aid
- departmental politics and backstabbing
- culminated in mental breakdowns, violence, police
- stalking

I read it years ago and would like to reread it... can you help, Hive Mind?
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The Exception?
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Yes! Thank you thomas j wise! AskMe FTW!
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If you're interested in the subject look up bullyonline and the brilliant work by Tim Fields.
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