What happened to my app? Hola unblocker problem.
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I have been using the Hola Unblocker app on my Nexus 7 -- worked great until yesterday. Before, when I launched the app I got this screen. Then I would click on the "unblocker" (top) link and go to webpage with the various links. It looked a lot like this. But now when I click, I end up on a page with no icons -- it is just blank. I rebooted and nothing. Anyone know what happened? Should I reinstall the app?
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Have you tried contacting the developer of your app? Looks like they also have a whole section on troubleshooting for android.

BTW, I knew absolutely zero about this app before your question and all of this is easily findable by following links on the Google Play store page you linked to, so you could've saved yourself time by looking for this yourself.
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Forgive me Aleyn, but I scoured the online stuff and I read all the android info before posting...As far as I could tell, my problem was not there. If you found the solution, you are smarter than me. I'll reread it, I may have missed something. Thank you.
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