More carbs = more consipation?
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So, taking fiber out of the equation, which makes for a harder stool: protein/fat or non-complex carbohydrates?

I'm asking because ever since around Christmas, I've been constipated. This coincides with eating more bad carbs. During my extreme, year-long very low-carb diet, I'm pretty sure I was never, ever constipated. Or gassy. Now, it's up to the nines with the pooping problems. So can I solve this by going back to stricter low-carb? Yeah, I could just try it and find out, but I've had it up to here with this shit and I don't want to change my diet in a way that could makes things harder to bear (heh).
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Um, I don't think "more bad carbs" is enough info. Rice can be very constipating but potato starch helps counteract that, as does aloe vera drinks. Chocolate is also constipating. So is dehydration.

To solve constipation, I tend to do the following:

Get enough salt, aloe vera or potatos, and good oils (like butter and coconut oil) and cut back on things I specifically know are constipating like rice and dark chocolate.

Maybe you could list a few more specifics concerning how your diet has changed?
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I'm in Ketosis for most of the year, eating a very lowcarb diet.

Usually sometime in the summer and one of the holidays I'll go off the wagon and enjoy some beer and cakes and what not.

This creates a cauldron of evil inside me.

So yes, more bad carbs can make bad things happen.

Have you considered or do you take a fiber supplement? This is my goto advice for poopin' health.

I use these.

Good luck!
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more salt
white sugar
white flour (crackers, the occasional cookie or donut)
About 1 serving a week of potatoes
More fruit (maybe 3 servings a day)

fewer eggs
less broccoli (1 serving per week instead of 3-4)
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Shoot, I just remembered that I drink way more alcohol since christmas. Bloody holidays...
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In part, it depends on the person. Also, your gut may be sensitive to some things that aren't the norm -- in other words, what constipates one person may not constipate you and vice versa. For me, for example, chocolate gives me diarrhea and I'm gluten sensitive, so what you added would give me the runs.

I take a fiber supplement, and have for many years, but recently a rectal surgeon recommended Konsyl and I said, "Oh I don't need fiber--I take a ton of fiber supplements." He said, "what and how much?" I told him that I was taking 10 to 12 psyllium husk caps daily. He told me that taking the regular daily amount of Konsyl was like 48 psyllium husk caps.

Konsyl has really changed my life for the better. It has soluble and insoluble fiber, so it (a) sucks up the water in your bowels, giving you formed stool rather than liquid, and (b) softens your stool so that you don't get constipated.

It's important to ease into a fiber supplement routine because it can cause gas at first, but oh boy is this the best thing since sliced bread! When you order it from the company's website, they'll send you a shaker cup (they'll also send you a free one-week supply). You shake it up with water or juice (I use water plus vitamin water for flavor) and drink it fast -- any delays turns it into glue. Then follow with a glass of water. You'll never worry about your diet again.
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Alcohol is extremely dehydrating. Dehydration can cause constipation. You might try drinking more non-alcoholic fluids to help counterbalance that.
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Water is a factor and so is exercise. I suspect, also, that eating habits (one giant meal vs six small meals) would affect your innards.

It's probably more complex than this food or that.
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^^ agree, however, and ymmv, spinach, pears and watermelon (carbs, yes) have mild diuretic properties, in case you want to give those a whirl (they help with the other, too). so to speak.
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