small metal martini/cocktail glasses
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I am looking for small metal martini glasses, or possibly some other type of retro design. By small, I mean 4-5 oz. or so - most of the ones I can find online are at least 7-8 oz.

The closest example I can think of are like the glasses from this, the Gorham silver cocktail shaker set. I would also be interested in other types of martini glasses that are not metal, as long as they are small. This is, as you may have guessed, a gift. I would also say something with a mid-century modern aesthetic would work.

I am not looking to buy actual vintage or antique items that are extremely expensive.

The smallest ones I've been able to find are here (6 oz.), but I don't like how they look - the top part seems too short and unbalanced with the length of the stem.
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I don't know about metal ones, but for glass ones try looking at discount/dollar stores; I spent years looking for small, non-bathtub-sized martini glasses and finally found them at Dollar Tree of all places. I just checked and they hold about 5 oz filled to the brim, which means they are just perfect for a 4oz cocktail. (Photo)
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Not sure if this is a concern for you, but eating/drinking from metal does change the flavour of whatever you're eating. Just FYI, for your search.

I would second dollar stores.
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We got our small, proportional (glass) martini glasses from a large liquor warehouse (Spec's, if you happen to be in Texas or want to buy online sight-unseen). I would also try large restaurant supply stores that are open to the public, if you live in a state that doesn't have large liquor warehouses.
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I have these lovely glass cocktail and martini glasses bookmarked for birthday presents later this year: 4.5 oz Manhattan, 5 oz cocktail, 6 oz cocktail, and a 5.5 oz champagne coupe (this one will also be for me).
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Came in to recommend The Boston Shaker as a resource, but hydrobatidae beat me to it! We've bought coupes from them in the brick and mortar store, they're lovely. No metal 'martini' style glasses, but they do have copper moscow mule cups and silver julep cups. I like the 5 oz cocktail glass linked above. Good luck!
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Unfortunately I own several of the glasses from Boston Shaker already - they were the first place I called! Sounds like I need to do some more hunting on my part.
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