Online depression support group?
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Of course, there are loads of online forums about depression, but so many of them just seem to be drive-by users posting questions to which the answer is "you need to see a doctor", or asking about medication side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

I'm seeing plenty of doctors (!) and getting the treatment I need after a very difficult 2013. I've found attending an in-person support group to be an absolutely key part of my recovery.

So is there anything you could describe as an "online support group"?

Somewhere with a stable community of people who share each other's struggles with things like self-esteem, assertiveness, fatigue etc. in more of a journal style than one-off questions. (I really like the public journals style of this personal finance forum.)

Or simply: have you even found a depression / depression-friendly personal growth forum that's any good?

(FWIW, other depressives might like this MeFi post, "best podcasts for personal growth/ recovery from depression", and I've read this post about Ruby Wax's depression forum but wasn't convinced.)
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You could try I do not know much about it, but some of the support subreddits are quite good.
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The Icarus Project.
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