Brooklyn Restaurant for Wedding Reception?
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Any ideas for a Brooklyn (or Manhattan, I guess) restaurant that can host a wedding of appx 75? Something warm and intimate, like Frankies (too small) or Aurora (hello $20K!). Nothing too **fancy** (as my Aunt Frances says). No venues or spaces or lofts or halls. Just a restaurant :)
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Best answer: The boards at Offbeat Bride will have this well-covered since it's a very common question.
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Other than warm and intimate, is there a cuisine you prefer or not prefer? Where in Brooklyn? Do you need parking? Does it need to be close to mass transit? There are many restaurants, but I could help you better if you narrow it down a little bit. I don't want to list a hundred restaurants and waste your time looking into them.
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I think you may find that if $20k for 75ish people was too expensive, it may be hard to find a suitable place... I remember being utterly flabbergasted at the prices my friends were looking at for a sit down dinner in brooklyn for 70-80 people.
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Best answer: I got married at Juliette in Williamsburg. Breton cuisine, but the chef is flexible. They were excellent in every way, and well below $20K.
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Looking forward to a wedding later this year at Glasserie. No idea about price.
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I attended a wedding in Brooklyn last year. The reception was held at the D.O.C. Wine Bar in Williamsburg. I think the guest list was a bit larger—maybe over 100 people—but it's a small restaurant and could easily fit your 75 guests. I can't imagine the couple needed to spend $20k on drinks and dinner for everyone, but I can't say for certain.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far. And thanks for the Offbeat Bride link.

Yes NYC is expensive. But I've seen some possibilities -- just not exactly right yet. (The biggest issue had been that intimate and affordable restos seem to cap out at 50-60 ppl. We need a touch bigger, and with a little room for a band.)

To be more specific, we're looking for a wood, brick, light aesthetic. Cuisine is less important, but it seems that Asian is not calling to us. New American, Italian, French, Veg, German all are ok. Parking has not been a criterion but subway access is nice but not necessary.

One key feature is that as a nighttime, winter wedding, outdoor space is not useful and the sun will set early, so sun-lit windows are also unnecessary.
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roberta's in bushwick. I've seen some events in the garden and it is always done beautifully. plus the Clintons had an event there!
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oh, just saw the outdoor part. they can do heated tents.
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reBar in DUMBO does lots of weddings and might be what you're looking for. Also, Flatbush Farm.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, Aunt Frances would give me the stink-eye if I brought her to the garage-cum-trainyard aesthetic of Robertas.

Rebar is on every list, isn't it? Their price is pretty good, and they have some upsides, but does anyone else think that the place has a dark, almost gothic kind of vibe?

Flatbush Farm..hmmm... what about in the cold weather? I know their garden is the big draw.
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Response by poster: Stickerbeast, we decided to go with Juliette after all. It's a pretty casual but sophisticated spot. It will have a very warm feeling in the winter. And the price is honestly lower than I think it probably could get.

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Response by poster: So, as a follow up: it's a winter wedding, and while we could do a ceremony in the restaurant, I wonder if anyone has an idea for a non-religious ceremony location?

I'm thinking that it should be walking distance to Juliette, but maybe I'm wrong? (There will be 75 people, with a mix of elderly and young people, many from outside the city.)

My feeling is that outdoor locations are no good. Interesting, appropriate indoor spaces nearby?
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Hmm. What about the Wythe Hotel?
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