Looking for fancy tea cup recommendations:
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I'd like something that's either understated (traditional, white porcelain), but outstanding quality. Or a little more elegant: 1, 2. (These are pretty ideal, but I don't think the manufacturer ships to the US.) Any recommendations? Thanks!
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I mean, I don't know what your budget is, but that manufacturer does ship to the US:

According to the Terms page

Outside Australia
All deliveries will be sent via courier or Express Air Mail, depending on the size of the order.
USA & Canada - $55.00
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Response by poster: Yes, but when you try to actually complete the purchase, they direct you to contact them by e-mail (and then don't reply).
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Etsy! Etsy etsy etsy! I'd mix and match several vintage whites for extra charm.
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The Wikipedia entry on porcelain has a list at the bottom of many traditional china companies -- it's a good starting point for searching. Wedgewood, Spode, Royal Doulton, Lenox...

Just in a quick scan, Lenox has some nice options in the "classic, plain white/cream, gold rim" vein. (Example: Lenox at Macy's)

Do you want that same shape of cup?
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Response by poster: Note: they do reply and let you place the order, so my question's sort of moot. Thanks for the help anyway!
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FWIW, those are similar to the Royal Albert Chantilly teacups in my cupboard. The pattern is discontinued but teacups are easily obtained on Ebay or from Replacements Ltd if you don't want to ship from overseas. (Nice china is basically why I got married. I chose the Chantilly china to pair with the Paradise teapot and dessert plates for tea service.)
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