What's a good knee wrap for warmth and support? (patella tendon)
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Asking for a friend: What's a good knee wrap for warmth and support? I've been treated for patella tendonosis. I'm a middle-aged man in Seattle. It doesn't get very cold here, but even below 50 degrees, my knee starts to ache. Looking for a way to keep the knee joint nice and warm, and extra support for the tendon. Thinking of buying this knee wrap. Anyone have first hand (first knee?) experience? You are not my doctor. You are not my physical therapist. My dog will be happier if I can take her for longer walks.
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Best answer: You could check with the doctor who diagnosed your patella problem, or you could get an Ace bandage and wrap it around your knee. Getting just the right tension for support without cutting off circulation is a learned art. A 'sleeve' type support is a possibility, but would not be so adjustable. Those knee wraps are available in flesh-colored elastic mesh also if looks are a factor.You will probably try more than one product before you are satisfied.
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Best answer: I had/have patellofemoral pain syndrome. When it acts up badly enough, I tape my kneecap to keep it from tracking off to the side like a drunkard. According to several of my PT friends, taping is vastly superior to using a brace (in terms of support). *shrug*

I don't know if we have the same thing, but this is what I use.
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Best answer: You could always put one of those little hand warmer packets under the knee wrap for a doggie walk - or you might try some capsaisin ointment on your knee before the wrap. Ask a pharmacist what would be best - or ask someone at REI or a ski/sports business - you're not the only one with a bum knee who still enjoys being out and active.
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Best answer: Try it. I had one of those to stablise my knee when waiting for an ACL replacement. An ex always wore one of those for skiing, too. You may or may not find that the hole irritates your patella.
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