What services and sites have you replaced Craigslist with?
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What do you now use instead of Craigslist for finding rentals, jobs, activities, etc.? I'm interested in both the paid and free options you've found.
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I'm unsure of the context of your question...I still use Craigslist for a lot of things and I don't see that changing any time soon. For apartments and buying/selling used stuff I still use Craigslist. For jobs I use Craigslist, Indeed, and LinkedIn. For activities/events I use city-specific stuff (I live in San Francisco so I like FunCheapSF).
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Response by poster: I should have specified that I'm not looking for a one-size-fits-all site like Craigslist, but rather which services have you realized are better left to a specialist or handled by a paid service (i.e., you now pay a rental broker rather than searching the housing listings yourself.)
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If I want labor services, I just go to Angie's List or check the local classifieds (they still exist!).
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My neighborhood has its own listserv on Google Groups and I've found that folks often post things for sale there before they post on Craigslist (or, especially under the "Free" category).
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Oh ok, thanks for the clarification.

We live in a city with TaskRabbit, and have hired moving help using that.

I also look at classifieds on NextDoor as well.
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Angie's List

And I wish we had TaskRabbit in our town, but alas, alack, we don't.
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I regularly use a local service in N.C. called Sweeps (hires college students to do one-off jobs for you). More secure and more reliable than craigslist. There might be a similar service in your area.
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And I use industry-specific job boards and list servs to find jobs. I still look at craigslist jobs posts but have found them to be not nearly as useful as more niche jobs boards.
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In NYC, Streeteasy is good for housing searches (but mostly broker-fee places).

I use AirBNB for vacation rentals.

Simply Hired is good for job searches as is Idealist.org.
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I use Indeed.com for job searches, PadMapper for rental searches, and MeetUp for local activities.
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kijiji !!

it's like craigslist but minus the sketch factor
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Care.com for recruiting childcare. NextDoor app for giving away stuff. And oh yes, AirBnB.com and VRBO.com for house rentals.
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  kijiji !!

FYI, the rest of the world might know that as eBay Classifieds, GumTree, Baixing or iBazar.
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I preferred hotpads to Craigslist for my last housing search.

For nonprofit job searches, Idealist has always been better than Craigslist.
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