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Can you please recommend a cheap ad-free commercial Mediawiki host?

I'm looking to move a small (the dump of the whole thing including history is 37MB) low-traffic Mediawiki wiki elsewhere. I'm trying to avoid paying more than say $5/month. Commercial web hosting of all sorts seems to be so sleazy and full of attempted baits and switches that shopping around was driving me to despair, so I turn to the HiveMind for advice.

The wiki contributors include non-technical folks so I'd like to stick to MediaWiki 'cause they know it, and I'd like straight up MediaWiki hosting as opposed to setting up my own instance on a virtual server, 'cause I don't want anyone left in the lurch if I'm not around to administer it.

(It's for a long-running tabletop role-playing game campaign in case subject-matter is relevant to some given host.)
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Response by poster: Thinking more, I'd consider a non-mediawiki wiki if there's an existing tool to import from a Mediawiki xml dump and convert it, revision history and all. I don't want to roll my own converter.
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You might be a pretty good candidate for NearlyFreeSpeech--they won't be full of baits and switches and their pricing is very cheap for your usage. I have also heard good things about A Small Orange, whose $35/year would work well for you.
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Best answer: How about I haven't used them myself but they appear to just be nerds who want to spread the gospel of the Semantic Mediawiki extensions, though you don't have to use any SMW stuff if you don't want to. Their free package actually appears to prohibit ads.
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I am a big fan of A Small Orange, but you are still at that point responsible for installing and maintaining the install of the software yourself, and keeping up with updates on that sort of thing is really important.

Just Googling so I'm not sure how their actual service is, but ShoutWiki does seem to offer the option to have ads removed for pay, although they don't say how much it actually costs. Might be worth contacting them.
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If you want to change software Google Sites would be free and easy to use.

Hostgator has a plan in your price range, and they probably have a one-click Mediawiki installer so you'll be up and running in 5 minutes. However, you will be responsible for doing security updates, etc.
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