Post-apocalyptic graduation speech
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I'm trying to find an essay/short story that was about a professor in the near future addressing a very small graduating class (like 4 men and 3 women) a few years after a conflict Islam and the West tore the world apart. There's a reference to Mecca (the living heart of Islam) getting nuked and I believe the speaker dies or faints at the end. It is not a screed against a "Muslim menace" or anything, nor is it about "the evils of the West."

Somehow it reminds me a lot of CJ Dunlap's "Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012," similar kind of feel.
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I swear this reminds me of a Bruce Sterling short story. It totally strikes me as something I read.
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Response by poster: > I swear this reminds me of a Bruce Sterling short story.

A particular one? Because it was about as from the Leggy Starlitz sensibility as one could go. Way too... calm.
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