Why are there no Bluetooth 4.0 keyboards?
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I can't find any Bluetooth 4.0 keyboards from any of the usual places. This makes me suspicious. Alibaba has some, but I'd prefer to buy a single one from somewhere I have used before. What's going on?
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What kind of device(s) are you wanting to use it with? The 4.0 standard brings new features such as track info, but not much in the way of keyboard enhancements. Older BT keyboards tend to work fine with new devices, with a few exceptions here and there.
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HTPC. I'm looking for the low power feature mostly, the hugely improved battery life.
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Older bluetooth keyboards already last months and months. Maybe there's just no power savings to be had...
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Yeah, I don't know what your size requirements are as some HTPC users like the handheld models that you type using your thumbs. But, my Logitech K810 has been awesome with battery life. One charge lasts several months if I don't use the backlight feature. Bonus on the K810 model is you can instantly switch between 3 devices.

The low power benefits of 4.0 are more for smaller new devices like wearables and informatic generation, which don't have much space for batteries.
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