Can you identify this French movie I saw maybe 8 years ago?
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I saw this movie on either IFC or The Sundance Channel about 8-10 years ago. It was almost certainly French, though I suppose it's possible it could have been from Belgium or something -- but it had a very, very French feel. Here's what I remember: (some of the memories may be incorrect)

- The film was sort of a combination of comedy and drama, with absurdist elements and social commentary, typical of many French movies

- A husband and wife, and their adult son and daughter, all live in a big, fancy house. The son and daughter have their own rooms where they spend most of their time.

- The husband had a mistress, and it's possible she actually lived in the house as well. At least it's not much of a secret.

- I think the wife probably had a lover as well. Maybe he lived in the house, too?

- I think the son is a writer, or wants to be one, and he moves out of the house and into an apartment in the city. He believes he is an important, dangerous literary voice and is obsessed with Salman Rushdie. He writes about muslims/Islam and believes that muslims are planning to kill him (similar to the Rushdie fatwa). He locks himself in the apartment, afraid to leave as he is convinced muslims will kill him if they see him in daylight. It's possible that this young wannabe writer character is not the son, but another person known to the family.

- Because he is stuck in the apartment, his sister or other people go to his place every couple of days to drop off some food for him. They do not share his belief that anyone is out to get him.

This is all I remember. I'd love to see this film again -- do you know what it's called? If you do recognize this, please don't tell me too much more about what happens in the movie. Since I don't remember, it would be fun to watch it again without knowing where it all leads!
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No, I can't.

It reminded me of a review I read, but the synopses I'm finding for the film I was thinking of don't mention the plotline about the writer son you mentioned.

In case you might be mashing up two movies in your head, here's what it reminded me of - a 2008 Swiss film called Home.
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Is it La Pagaille?
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Yes! I think it must be! Thanks!
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