Ideas for being Europe on Twitter for a week
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Like the @Sweden account is shared between Swedes, @i_am_europe is for Europeans. It's a new idea and I'm going to be one of the first, starting 3 February. I'm a journalist covering the EU so there may be some stuff I can do from that, but i'd like to involve people and give it a good start, have you any ideas?

I can use some of our newspaper resources, so I'm thinking of asking people to send in photos, or maybe do a Q&A, which we can also put on our website.

I might try to run polls, and i'd like to find European jokes, get people to suggest books films etc from their own country etc.

However, I'll also have to do my job, so there is some limitations on my time etc.
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The best parts of the @Sweden account are the "slice of life" tweets that reveal just a little bit of what it is like to live in Sweden. I love seeing what people are eating, where they are, and what they are doing with their day, even if it's ordinary. It would be fascinating to know how people commute, who watches their kids while they work, what home repairs they've done recently, or what they plan on planting in their garden this spring.

Photos are always a great idea. They convey so much more than words ever could.
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Oh this sounds wonderful and as a total Europhile I may just apply to be a curator too (in which case I probably shouldn't tell you all my ideas, ha).

I think it will matter whether you are meant to show "your" slice of Europe (so we get one person / country / point of view, then move on to the next after a week) or whether you are encouraged to reach out and be pan-European.

Some ideas:
- it might be funny (if it stays good-hearted) to ask people what preconceptions they have about their neighbour states - e.g. Swedes about Danes, the French about Belgians etc.
- definitely photos, maybe ask people to photograph something for a specific theme? Their breakfast one day, "shopping" another day etc.
- (one) great thing about the EU are its open borders, so maybe ask people who've relocated about their lives / favourite thing about their chosen country, what they miss about their home country etc.
- a dish a day (or 4 a day so you can cover each EU member state? Kinda ambitious I know). What would be totally cool (but decidedly too time-consuming if you have a busy job) would be to make a European dish a day and tweet it / post pics.

(Oh boy, I am so totally applying for this, haha.)
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Sorry, I'm back, one more thing. I just saw on the "About" of the account's blog that the Italian says "[...] sulla sua idea di Europa" so this is definitely something I'd also be interested in. What does Europe mean to YOU (why for instance did you choose to work where you do). Where do you see it going, what do you like about it, what concerns do you have etc. (I suspect you'll be better placed than many to have an opinion on that.)
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Thank you. The first job seems to be to attract followers. We've had a chat about stuff and i'm thinking of a couple of daily things, such as a photo theme, asking for dialect phrases, sayings etc as well as the more EU stuff.

Any further thoughts would be most welcome.
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