Where to buy a simple solid-color 4'x6' area rug in Manhattan?
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I am trying find a solid color, durable, 4' x 6' area rug on which to put my new electronic drum set. (4' x 6' rubber padding will be placed under the rug). It has proven very difficult to find an area rug of this size that isn't horrendously ugly. I've also looked online. Any ideas?
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Hmm. I was going to suggest Menards for a dirt-cheap rug, but it looks like you don't have them there. Bummer.

So: Urban Outfitters? (If you like purple or orange.)
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Many places that sell carpet can also edge carpet. So you can pick any of the regular carpet used for wall to wall and get it edged for an area rug. For some reason all my google searches are turning up places in the UK but it gives you the idea.
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Have you gone to ABC Carpet near Union Square? I've bought scraps of solid colors from them before. Not the fancy interiors store, but their carpet store across the street, in the basement, there was a big clearance and discount section at one time...
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Here's one on Amazon that looks pretty good. The 4' x 6' size is available in ivory, black, beige, red, purple, and silver at the moment.
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You can get a simple jute rug from Pier One (also in solid colors), or sisal from sisalrugs.com (link goes to remnants page).
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Ikea has red, black, pink, green, and beige. There's also this blue one, that has a little bit of a pattern on it, but still mainly solid.
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I don't know how durable those are, but they're cheap!
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Yeah, try regular carpet shops and look at their off-cuts.

If you're feeling a little creative, you can also see if they have old sample squares for sale (which are like 2 feet x 1 feet), and then tile them. We picked up a bunch of £1 each, and they're fantastic for everything.
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Ikea always has a few of their patterns of 4x6 rugs available for $20.
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Try Overstock.com. Shipping is $2.95 or free, depending, and pretty fast. The selection is huge.
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For online, I like Overstock, and I love Joss & Main, who seem to have a rug sale every other day. I would also wander in to Home Depot, I think there's one on 23rd between 5th & 6th, see what's up, not to mention 98th and Columbus, Home Goods.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone! I appreciate it. I'd already looked at Ikea, Amazon, etc., and was considering hitting ABC's carpet store tomorrow, so thanks for the reminder there. Thanks all for the other suggestions as well; I will look into each and I'm sure I'll find what I need. Thanks again!
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Wal-Mart just across the river in Bergen NJ
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