Android MP3 app with Text-To-Speech?
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I'm looking for a Android music player app that will read the artist and track name out-loud.

I'm a avid amateur DJ and to make best use of my time I listen to new music while I'm at my day job, in the form of downloaded mp3s stored locally on my phone. My day job is such that I can't look at my phone every time a new song comes on to see what the artist and track name is. I want to find an Android-based player that will use text-to-speech to read out the artist and track names.

Currently I start a playlist of newly downloaded tunes then stick my phone in my hat for 2 hours at a time, only looking at it during breaks. Using this method for the past 2 months I have become auditorily familiar with a lot of new tracks, but when I get to the mixing decks I have no idea what the track names are to go with the sounds I've got in my head. If I had a music player that could announce the artist + track name at the start and/or end of each tune I would really get a lot of traction with this method.
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Best answer: This looks like what you're looking for: Android Tune Announcer.
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Do you use a computer for work? If so it might be better to use one of the many notification apps.
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Response by poster: Do you use a computer for work?

Negative. I work with my hands, away from computers, and it's not acceptable to be stopping to interact with my phone every 4 minutes.

Android Tune Announcer.

Hey, that does look good. I've installed it and will see how it goes at work. Thanks. Any more suggestions are of course welcome. I love having options.
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