Multi-Platform RSS/Newsreader to Replace Feedly
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I'm not fond of Feedly's insistence that you log in using a Google account. Searching for an RSS reader to replace it.

Not looking for anything fancy. Just a simple RSS reader. I was a big fan of Google Reader, which of course is now defunct.

The requirements are that I can access the reader on iOS devices, Macs, and PCs.

I have about 50 feeds, mostly text-heavy vs. image-intensive, and the ability to sort them in groups/arrange them by folders would be helpful.

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I heartily recommend newsblur.
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Let me add about NewsBlur: Samuel (the one man show who runs it) is great about trying to work out problems and adding new features. And he's teasing that soon we're going to get full text search (or something else he's wanted for two years), and he loves giving features to those who pay. I pay because I have too many sites to have the free version, and my money is well spent providing to the developer. Any time I've had issues or questions, it's a matter of minutes or hours, not days.
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Digg Reader has been working for me as a google reader replacement
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I really love's VERY reader-like. It doesn't have an iPad app, but it does have a mobile version.
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Seconding inoreader - it feels like I never left google reader
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Newsblur for the win. Love it, former Feedly user here.
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Newsblur is outstanding.
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If you have access to a web hosting account to host your own reader TT-RSS works great. It has an Android App so I would assume there is also an iOS app. It's free, and you control it so you don't have to worry about the next rss reader you choose shutting down too.
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I like (and use) FeedWrangler—it's pretty bare bones, but I use it as a syncing backed to Reeder on iOS and ReadKit on the Mac. It's been quite reliable since I switched after Reader's death. One thing to note is that while it doesn't have folders per se, it allows for the creation of smart streams, which can functionally act in the same way or more powerful ways. I haven't used any of the other services, so I can't compare.
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I've come to like Newsblur a lot, but inoreader is probably the most GReader-like solution.
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I also strongly recomend Newsblur. I believe the free version will cover 50 feeds. I use it on Windows, Mac, Ipad, and my Android phone at different times. It has folders. (Also tags, article saving, training, comments, etc., etc. which you may or may not use.)
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Seconding Feedwrangler. I also use Reeder on my phone, but find the website fine for use on the computer.
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netvibes and its better than feedly.
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I've been using Netvibes for a long, long time, but their redesign from the last couple weeks has got me looking elsewhere.
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Note on Newsblur on Android - the app no longer supports older OSes (pre-Ice Cream Sandwich).
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