Obscure 80s Cartoon?
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I am trying to locate a rather obscure animated kids cartoon from the 80s. I'm not sure if it was a series; it might have been a movie or limited episode run. This is what I remember:

1. Cable TV only, and perhaps a "premium" channel like HBO.
2. The "bad" guys lived in a castle, and consisted of one main protagonist and at least two henchmen, who were troll or goblin-like in appearance.
3. I seem to remember two young kids as the "good" guys, and they probably had some creature for a sidekick/comic relief.
4. May have had a vague environmental theme, where-in the bad guys were poisoning the forest or something.

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The Raccoons. I guess it was on the Disney Channel in the US but I watched it before Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC up North.
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Came here to say the same as Loquax. The henchmen (and the bad dude) had a sawmill, no?
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It doesn't fit terribly well with the rest of your description, but the castle, the henchmen and the possibility of HBO makes me think of Twice Upon a Time...
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I bet you anything that this is the Gummi Bears.
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The Bluffers?

'The Evil Clandestino' - great name.
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