Sparkling wine reco needed – Toronto edition
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We are having a party to celebrate – and need a recommendation on a sparking wine that will be served following the main speech. We aren’t fans of champagne ourselves (find it too dry), and there will be a mix of wine lovers and more casual wine drinkers attending. There will be a wide range of other drinks served throughout the night, if that matters.

Please recommend a light, possibly fruity(?) sparkling wine that will suit the occasion, go over well with a mixed crowd while not disappointing the more knowledgeable wine lovers.

Details – must be currently available at the LCBO, budget $13-$20 / bottle.

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Have you tried prosecco and cava? Personally I like more crisp white wines and adore them both, so I can't specifically recommend those as fruity/sweet. But a lot of people prefer them to champagne, and you should also be able to please the more wine oriented folks.

What about lambrusco? It's a sparkling red wine from Italy that tends to be sweeter than champagne and other sparkling whites. It's very non-traditional for something like a toast at an event following a speech, but it does everything you want. And the wine-lovers among you will at least be interested to try a sparkling red as opposed to thinking you just have bad taste in champagne.

I've also had some sparkling rose I liked, though, again, I prefer crisp whites and can't specifically recommend it for your particular palate. But it's worth trying, and a little more traditional for the typical champagne uses.
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I'm no wine expert, but I've had great experiences with Moscato d'Asti. Sparkling white, usually very sweet and very easy to drink. Any bottle with "Moscato d'Asti" on it should be about the same, I'd think.
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A vinho verde? It's only lightly fizzy, but fruity and refreshing. Most people like them and most are actually well under your budget.
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I came here to also recommend vinho verde. It's closer to effervescent than it is to full on sparkling. It also makes for a perfect summer wine.
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Also consider Brachetto -- a sparkling, fruity red similar to lambrusco, but sweeter. Here's one option from LCBO that looks good & is within your price range. Will you be serving any food before/after the wine as well?
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3rding Vinho Verde. Inexpensive, and seems to have apple or pear notes. Slightly effervescent and sweet, without being over the top. Very refreshing in the summer, but delicious anytime!
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Most Vinho Verdes I've had aren't nearly effervescent enough to pass as a sparkling wine for a toast. YMMV, though, I guess? Pick up a bottle and see what you think. It's certainly delicious, even if not appropriate for your needs.
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I just took a look at the LCBO website and see that they sell Mionetto Prosecco. That's a good bet. If they happen to have a Lescombes Imperial Kir. Sparkling wine with raspberry liqueur. It might get you a raised eyebrow from anyone who is truly truly snobbish, but it's yummy and even this wine snob can't deny that.
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Kir Royales are very trendy right now, actually. It might be more expensive or time consuming to do a toast with a sparkling cocktail rather than just the wine, but it will certainly be delicious, elegant, au courant, and snob-worthy.
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Segura Viudas Brut Reservation Cava Sparkling. The LCBO site says they've got it for $14.99.

And if the LCBO should get this in future (it currently doesn't carry it)--Real de Aragon.
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I found this segment on The Splendid Table helpful: Sparkling wines from around the world for less than $20
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Given your stated requirements, I think Prosecco fits the bill. It's typically just a little sweet, and more fruity than champagne, but for whatever reason it's OK with wine snobs. And it fits your price point & is readily available (even from the LCBO).

The cavas I've had experience with have tended to be drier and less fruity. Asti Spumante will strike many as too sweet.
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A check of LCBO offerings online show they may have Blanquette de Limoux available. Inexpensive, accessible, may be less 'yeasty' than cheap champagne, and with a good traditional backstory. And, actually French. Best of all, it should fit in your price range.
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Anne Amie Cuvee A Amrita from Oregon is probably my favorite white wine. It's semi-sweet, a little citrusy, and has a bit of a spritz. Our local wine store has it for around $16, I believe.

Not a sparkling wine, per se, but you may find it enjoyable for your purposes.
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I think Graham Beck Brut NV meets all your requirements.

It's made using the methode cap classique of French champagne and has the added conversational cachet of having been served at Nelson Mandela's presidential inauguration in 1994 and at a private Obama celebration when he was elected US president in 2008.
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