What color is this rim actually?
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I'm buying two new rims for my van. I've found the right rims to buy price and similarity-wise -- if they aren't the color they appear to be in the photograph. Can someone tell or make an educated guess whether the color would actually be closer to silver/gray? I'm hoping it's just the photo that is bad since I've never seen wheels with that copper color.
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i'm gonna say that's just a shitty picture. i've taken picture of things that turned out like that because of weird lighting or the flash and they should have been silver/metal colored. you should probably call/email to double check if you can. but to me it looks like a crap picture of a shiny thing.
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I think it's chrome/polished, which would look "silver" (but shiny, like chrome, not matte) in normal daylight.
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Why not call the toll free number and ask?
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I'd say it's a polished chrome wheel, and the picture is a cell phone shot under incandescent light, skewing the color to the warm side of the spectrum and no one saw fit to color-correct the image before posting it online.

But, yeah, call the seller to confirm.
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I found a picture on the manufacturer's online catalog. Since the site would only play nice with Internet Explorer, I just took a screenshot of everything. Looks aluminum-colored to me!
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Thanks, everyone. Clorox's find, plus my confirmation conversation with the company this morning, confirmed it's just a bad photo. (Unfortunately, I also found out they are out of stock.)
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