Help me find cute, trendy sneakers!
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I want some women's sneakers that don't look like I'm heading to the gym, something cute and trendy! Difficulty level: moderately comfortable, no hidden wedges.

On weekends I mostly live in my Nike Frees, which are great for the gym and running/long walks. But I want something cute and trendy that I can wear to the movies, a friend's house, etc. I tried these sneakers on at Aldo and liked the way they look, but they didn't have them in my size. I wouldn't mind something even flashier than those.

- Moderately comfortable. I like the Converse style, but they're also about as supportive as strapping cardboard to your feet. I don't need to be able to take long walks in them, but I want to do a day's worth of grocery shopping/library/errands without serious pain at the end.
- No hidden wedges! For some reason they drive me crazy.
- Preferably under $100, though I'd pay more for a pair I totally fell in love with.
- Women's size 6.5, more or less (I wear a 7 in Nike Frees). I also have a ridiculously narrow heel, although I'm hoping with lace-up shoes that wouldn't be such a problem.
-Colors that would go with my jeans (I have 3 pairs, dark blue, black, and red).

Bring me colors! Patterns! Sequins! Shiny!

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I have the purple pair of Gola sneakers from They are pretty comfy on their own, but I put insoles in them and now I can wear them for days! I am on my feet for 8 hours a day (I am a teacher) and they hold up pretty well throughout the day. My feet aren't in serious pain after the kiddos leave, which is always good.
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Best answer: I'm a male, but I just ordered what must be my 10th pair of Onitsuka Tigers and use them for pretty much everything except the gym or the occasional dress-up event. There are 70 different models for women on Zappos. Very comfortable, very lightweight, and well under $100, if they're your style. The (female) SO has a couple of pairs of her own and approves as well.
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How about the Ecco Alona in Moon Rock Silver? Canadian site: $99 CAD; US site: $116 USD. (They look slightly different.)
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PF Flyers are Converse-like but with much better support. And they come in a ridiculously large assortment of colors. For the low price, it's certainly worth trying a pair or two.

(Disclaimer: I'm a guy, but I own both Converse and PF Flyers.)
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I have floral Vans that I love. More comfy than converse but not a lot of support.
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Best answer: Seconding ASICS--I'm a lady, and I have a pair that look a lot like those Onitsuka Tigers that I love. They're my default errands-and-casual-events shoes, and if you can live with a slightly retro, not-very-flashy style, they're reasonably cute and really comfy, and are holding up well after a year.
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I wear Saucony Jazz Low-pros and I love them! Seriously, I feel like I'm wearing slippers when I'm wearing them. Like, well-supported slippers. And they come in a bunch of colors.
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I've also got a very narrow heel and like how Nikes fit, so we might have fairly similarly shaped feet -- and I find Pumas comfortable, my feet never hurt from them.

If none of these pairs are quite right, though, you might want to check Marshall's. I found mine there, for more like $20/pair.
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I think you may want to check out DC Shoes. I have a pair and I find them super-comfortable and I appreciate that they do actual women's sizes rather than just having you size down in men's shoes.
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I love love love my Keen sneakers. They're similar to these. I wear a similar size as you, and the Keen 6.5 size fits well. I think they might be wider than other shoes, though, so I don't know how that will affect your heel. I love that they are perfectly flat, and super comfortable.
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I've been lusting after Tretorn Skymras for ages. Not sure how comfortable they are, but it's not hard to beat Converse in that department.
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I have a pair of the Saucony Jazz, too, and love them. Really, really comfy. Seconding the PF Flyers, too -- lots more support than Converse!
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Converse makes a sub brand called jack Purcell, and they have a more supportive Insole than typical chuck Taylor all stars. Plus they look incredibly cute on women (my opinion). Canvas or leather, both should be under 100 bucks
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, everyone! I'm going to order these Onitsuka Tigers based on the suggestions here. I'm going to get some high-tops too, probably these Keds.
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