Long lost best friend
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When I was 7 years old my best friend was an American (US Citizen) of the same age whose father was a Major in USAF stationed in Ohakea Airforce Base in the North Island of NZ; around 1983-84. My friends name was Ryan Davies (or Davis) and I would really like to make contact with him again. On the off chance...

I have tried Google etc and would love to trade letters and see where each other ended up.
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ZabaSearch shows birth months and years of many Ryan Davies'. Some look like good candidates.
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Response by poster: I have had a similar experience with google. I asked on the off chance there might be a personal connection - a military kid who knows, or who knows who might know.

A long shot - but worth the time that it took to ask.

Thanks though.
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Response by poster: I think the globalised nature of the audience is the reason I am asking here - unless of course you have another - better - solution.
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You can create a site with the information of the person you're looking for as well as your own contact info. When they google themselves, they'll hopefully see the page (you can test it out) and contact you. You can also look through Classmates.com which has a substantial user base (even for military associations), but unless your own school is listed, you may need his father's name.
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Did he go to school in NZ too? You could post a notice in the 'Lost and Found' section of the school on the NZ reunion site OldFriends. That will come up if he searches for his name on google, although he'll have to sign up to the site to see the notice I think.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much and I guess by posting the question here with my name, also my user name and his is that if he was looking for me he would find me and make contact, which was the reason I took the punt in the first place.

We went to school together in Clifton Primary in Bulls New Zealand - suprisingly not listed in classmates.com.

The website is a good idea though fionab - thanks.

slightlybewildered - same problem, no school listing.
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Can you call the US Air Force and see if you can track down where his dad ended up?
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Response by poster: We have all kinds of privacy rule in NZ that would make that impossible here - but in the States would they actually tell me that information? (and I am guessing the call wouldn't be the best time to practise my Middle Eastern accent).
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You can add a missing school to OldFriends by following the instructions on this help page.
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Why not try Military.com, an online resource for active and retired service personnel?

I just checked, and there are 165 Davies, and 500 Davis' that are either active duty or retired Air Force.

They have some kind of "buddy finder" as well, which might be helpful either getting a direct hit or someone who knows someone.

Take care
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I see in your profile you have a Livejournal - you could add your school to the new LJ School Directory. Here's the NZ list. It will show your schools on your userinfo, and if your long-lost friend is ever browsing through the schools on Livejournal he will be able to find you. Sort of like a free Classmates.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all your input - this page will hopefully stand and may in future help. I will try all your suggestions - and the best answer to winston - sometimes the really out there ideas do work :-)

Thanks again.

Sam Farrow
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