Screen printing office setup
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We want to build a screen printing setup at work. I had a studio back in the day where some friends and I made an exposure table, a printing rig and place to store the screens. That part, I've got down. What I don't know how to get around here is a spray booth. There is no water source in the actual studio. We do, however, have a kitchen area and there are bathrooms so I have access to water, I just need to figure out a good way to put this together. Does anyone have experience with printing in less than ideal places? Thanks!
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For several months, I once used two stacked rain barrels (the bottom barrel had a tap at about waist height) piped together and a pressure washer with an adjustable nozzle to get the closest effect to my old work's spray booth. We tapped into a water line about 30 feet away (though you could also run a hose or something similar from the sinks) and had the top reservoir being filled at a rate almost as fast as we we using in the spray. Do you have a sink, tub, or something to collect the water? The lucky thing for us is we had drainage for the water in the area. If you don't have drainage you have a much bigger challenge on your hands.
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