Non-native lenses on micro four thirds cameras: The Sequel
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The answers to this question landed me with a lovely adapter and security-camera lens. But now what?! I only have a one-mm focus range about 20cm ahead of me. Idiotic blithering inside.

I've also looked at this thread. I have the camera (Lumix GF3) in lensfree mode and have tried manual setting as well as aperture and shutter priority. I suspect there is something I am missing, perhaps I have to set the length of the lens somewhere to be able to use manual? Halp!
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M, or A, or S setting on the dial for programs, make sure the iA button is clicked off, and then on the far left dial (if you are holding the camera pointed as though you will shoot), you need to move the setting to MF.

Then you should be able to change the focus by twisting the dial on the lens.
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Sorry, just realised mine is not a GF3 after all. Looking at images of the GF3 you might not have the left-hand MF dial, or it might be somewhere else. I'm not sure that changing that was essential, anyway. The main point you don't mention that might be tripping you up is if iA is still on (and images suggest you do have that button).
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I didn't really understand from the previous thread just what you were trying to do. There's a reason most cameras get sold with a zoom lens that covers a range of possibilities. Do you have the specs of the lens? Does it have an manually adjustable aperture? I have a neat long lens (yard sale special) that I have not figured how to attach, so you're doing pretty well actually.
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The specification page for the F1.4 lens in the other thread indicates that the lens comes with an optional macro ring that in standard practice would allow the lens to be mounted on the camera backwards. While that sounds ridiculous, that would allow the lens to be used for up-close shooting of fine detail - of things that are, for example, around 20cm away.

Is the macro ring installed? Is it possible to mount the lens in the opposite direction? I suspect you can reverse it and have it work as a more conventional prime lens.
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FYI, the macro ring looks like this. It looks like in this configuration it would just sit between the mount adapter and the lens, and not actually reverse the lens. As such, you'll want to just leave it out of the equation.
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This is almost certainly an issue with the way the lens in mounted, not a problem with the settings on the camera. If you can only focus within a small range very close to the camera, then eschatfische is most likely correct, or there is some other issue with your adapter that's mounting the lens too far from the sensor.
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