Help me identify this conservative female education reformer from Texas
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I came across an education reformed with ties to Texas and a conservative stance on education. She wrote a fairly controversial book where she maintained that there were different cultural and class categories into which groups could be demarcated. Although the book was full of vast generalizations, it was full of some insights as well. In this book, she discussed the idea that people of wealth often emphasize appearance and presentation over practicality and durability while individuals who were raised in the middle class were more concerned with practicality. She also noted that individuals growing up in poverty had strong informal networks that helped them to navigate the world around them. The model she used was not unlike a management consulting approach that pegs products into cashcows, dogs, question marks, and stars. Does anybody remember the name of this author? I’m not even sure she’s teaching anymore but I can’t seem to remember who she is.
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Ruby Payne?
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I immediately thought of Ruby Payne, too. She was an educator but I don't know what state.
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I was looking for the same person, I think (nthing that it is Ruby Payne) a while back. You might find that AskMe thread helpful:

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Yep that's her. Thanks!
posted by caudal at 5:26 PM on January 23, 2014

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