What is this, a bowl for ants!?!
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Any ideas about bakeware/stoneware/cast iron serving dishes for one? Must be larger than 8 oz!

I love these mini-cocottes from Staub and Le Creuset, but they only hold 8 oz. For one-pot entrees like stew and pot-pie, that seems like too small a serving.

Does anyone know of larger ones? Ideally 16oz. I love the design otherwise and would be happy with stoneware or enameled cast iron. Lids are preferred, but not required.
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one edit: after looking at other bowls online, maybe 12-14oz would be big enough.
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Maybe something from Temp-tations would work for you?
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Maybe the 1qt Le Creuset?

Edit: Zappos has a video so you can see the size
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Le Creuset makes both oval 12 oz and round 18 oz Cocottes.
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one edit: after looking at other bowls online, maybe 12-14oz would be big enough.

12-ounce Le Creuset
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It looks like Staub does make a 16 oz cocotte.
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Thanks! I'm worried that 12oz is still on the small side, but that 1qt could be too big for an individual potpie or baked dish. Maybe I'm wrong?

The Staub 16 oz would be perfect, except that they're $90 each, and I can't find them on the Staub website or anywhere normal (amazon, william sonoma, zappos.)
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Corningware makes a variety of smaller dishes, like this 16 ounce one or this individual mug, which I love. There are also some flatter larger ones with plastic covers which works well for one person leftovers, and their smaller dishes like ramekins, like this one, are great for mini cobblers/crumbles. They're not enameled though obviously.
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Yes, Corningware French White is my go-to for this sort of thing.
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Maybe a 1/2qt oven-safe sauce pan.
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not enameled cast iron, but i use vintage pyrex for this purpose. there are lots of pattern options and i think it's one of the more common vintage pyrex to find at flea markets and the like. i have 10 or more of them in different sizes/patterns just because i can find them for a buck or three a piece and they're great for 1-2 person oven dishes.
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Does it need a lid? Because I have a ton of different sized ramekins that do this job really well. And they re cheap at restaurant supply stores.
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The Le Creuset French Onion Soup bowls are what I use for this.
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When you check out the Corning Ware link, scroll down to CorningWare 15-Ounce Grab It with Plastic Cover. I have older* versions of that set with Pyrex cover for oven/microwave, and plastic cover for storing in the fridge/freezer. Very very handy.
*My grab-its are so old they have the blue cornflower that was used before Corning sold the line.
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Are you near any Asian markets? The Korean market near me (Bay Area, CA) has many different sizes of dolsot, including single-serving ones that I see turning up at nearby restaurants all the time. Prices obviously vary, but they are not going to be anywhere near $90 each! And if you can go shopping in person, you can gauge the sizes as well as avoiding shipping charges.
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Speaking of Asian markets, I just bought a pair of these. Expensive-ish but they are beautiful and hold quite a bit.
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Thanks for all the great answers. They led me to these, which are exactly what I want, like the ones in zinon's answer, but with the pot stying. I bought six, then came to my senses and cancelled, becuase there are lots of great options and I don't need to hoard housewares while I'm still in the stage in my life where I live in group houses and studio apartments.

All the answers were really helpful, just marked the one that led me to my first choice.
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