Black flannel PJs?
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I'm in search of a set of black (or failing that, grey) flannel PJs - so far, all online searching (broadcast, etsy, the standard set of big online retailers) has failed. Hivemind, I need your help.

They're for a 5'5 woman, but don't need to be "women's", specifically, just warm, comfortable, and well-made. I'll need to be able to get them by 2/10.
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could you get white flannel pj's and dye them black?
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These come in black and in grey and are on sale. I love my Old Navy flannel PJs, I get them every year for Christmas from my parents, even though they insist that's not true.
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I can't speak highly enough of Bedhead Pajamas. I have four pairs of their pjs, and love them to bits. They don't currently have flannel pajamas in a single color (they don't often have any pjs that aren't patterned, and I wish this were not true but I have found that I mind less than I thought I would) but here is a pair of patterned black flannel pjs on sale.
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Just another idea: buy some black flannel and have a seamstress make a set. Pajamas are really, really easy to make so this should not be a drawn-out or expensive project. If there are any Etsy shops that seemed promising in your search, you could ask them for a custom project.
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A Shopstyle search says there are not many plain black flannel pajamas around right now, but there are patterned ones. I think the charcoal grey Lands End ones that Melissasaurus linked are the closest for now if they have to be all one color.
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Speaking as someone who has struck out on locating this particular item before, I think payoto has the best answer, but I will be watching this question. Solid sets can be difficult to find in flannel pajamas, and black solids are like the holy grail, for some reason. You'll also be up against the fact that they're going out of season right now (e.g. the LL Bean ones that melissasaurus found appear to only be available in a men's XXL), so finding standard sizes will be more challenging.
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dark gray men's

black COTTON pajamas (?)

black footie pajamas (with a drop seat. is that good?)
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