Wild blue yonder, comic, is it worth it?
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Wild Blue Yonder the comic book- is it complete? (and, uh, worth it)

So, I recently found out WBY exists. It looks awesome. I can't seem to figure out if it has two, three, or more issues. How many are there? Is it complete? If it ends on a clearly cliffhanging/not all issues were published, it will piss me off. I doubt they had a huge climax or anything, but I'm curious enough to look into it.

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The hubs (who works at the LCS) says:
"It's supposed to be a 6-issue limited series. First three issues have come out, issue #4 is slated to come out next week, issue #5 is due in two weeks, but issue #6 doesn't look like it's been solicited (in Previews) yet. If so, that means #6 is at least three months away. It looks good, but I haven't cracked it yet."

(Totally off-topic: he (and I) also respectfully suggest Saga.)
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